AMT Productions has a wide variety of rental equipment available.  You can pick it up yourself or have us deliver and setup for your next event. Equipment Packages are available. Contact us to help you find the right equipment for your event and receive a free quote!

Don't see something? Contact us, we will do our best to get it!

For Quotes and more info, e-mail:



  • QSC KLA12 Line Array; $200/week
  • QSC K12 Powered Speaker; $75/week
  • QSC KW181 Powered Sub; $150/week
  • QSC KSub; $120/week
  • Yamaha S115V Passive Speakers; $40/week
  • EV ELX112 Passive Speakers; $40/week
  • EV ELX118 Passive Subwoofer; $50/week


  • Midas M32 Digital Mixer; $400/week
  • Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer; $150/week
  • Midas DL16 Stagebox; $125/week
  • Mackie 1402 Mixer; $50/week
  • Denon DJ Mixer w/Dual CD Player; $75/week


  • Audio Technica 3000 Series Wireless; $60/week
    • Audio Techinica Handhelds
    • Audio Techinca Beltpacks w/Countrymen Headsets
  • Shure SM58 Wireless Handheld; $35/week
  • Dynamic Mics (SM57, SM58); $10/week
  • Condenser Mics (PGA81, CAD); $12/week
  • Shure Drum Mic Kit; $30/week


  • ETC ColorSource Spots Deep Blue (19, 26, 36, 50 deg); $150/week
  • ETC SourceFour (19, 26, 36, 50 deg); $15/week
  • ETC Smartbar 4 Channel Dimmer; $50/week
  • ETC EOS Nomad Package; $150/week
  • ETC Express 24/48; $80/week
  • Nightowl LED Pars (RGBAW+UV); $30/week
  • Chauvet SlimPAR ProQ; $30/week
  • Nightowl 36x18 Moving Head Wash Light; $100/week
  • Nightowl 300 watt LED Moving Spot; $150/week
  • City Theatrical Show Baby 5 Wireless DMX; $30/week


  • 8'x14' Fastfold Screen; $125/week
  • 65" LED Flat Screen 4k HDR TV; $300/week
  • Projectors available; please email for details


  • 12" Box Truss
    • 2M Straight; $22/week
    • 3M Straight; $30/week
  • 30" Base Plate; $35/week
  • Global Truss DT-Pro5200 16' Crank Stand; $100/week
    (Cross Bars and Truss Adapters options available)


  • Chauvet Bubble Machine; $10/week
  • Chauvet Snow Machine; $25/week


*Daily Rates available on all equipment.
**Rental Rates do not include any labor charges.